Loneliness and Isolation: Necessary Ingredients of Creativity?

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(Vincent) Van Gogh likely had a cadre of mental issues, none of which were suitably diagnosed while he was alive. Yet what seemed to weigh heaviest on him was the inevitability of his loneliness. According to his letters to Theo, he felt he had one of two options: content himself with loneliness or try to countenance his loneliness with friendships thereby derailing his creativity (“lead us from the road,” as he wrote).

Aldous Huxley wrote, “If one’s different, one’s bound to be lonely,” and upon thinking about it even a little, it quickly becomes apparent that many of history’s creative geniuses have been deeply lonely people. There is the obvious reason for this: dedicating oneself to an artistic pursuit means one has little time for social endeavors. This is what has frustrated flamboyant, gregarious writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Henry James, both of whom wrote about the dreadful isolation…

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Hobby Time hate Gossip. Ha.

So today I was thinking about what I really want to be doing during my free time and the first thing that came to mind was my hobbies. Hobbies are so much fun and gosh I love making things that kind of hard to come across and rarely found. I love crafts, I could lost in a craft time making for hours and the results are always so memorable. I have a lot of missing pieces in my hobby life and it’s quite depressing…things such as missing tools like glue dots, paper cutters, nic nacs, and books to out my scraps in…I wanna get all these little things in order and really get back into my scraping. I absolutely love the store Archivers, it’s a craft mansion with everything you can possibly think of in it. It’s like Heaven on earth to me! I need some scrappin friends who wanna go out and get stuff for pages with me come back over an chill over a movie and wine and scrap away.. Not to mention man might be there to be easy on the eyes as well. I feel like there are so many memories to keep and that scraps are the best way to keep them 🙂 I need to get a ton of pictures sent over and printed out as well.

I also want to start working on a letter to my whole family as well. I wanna make it all decorated and fun. I haven’t caught up with my family in a real sense in a while and there are a lot of things going wrong and happening to me and little ones that people should know about! Some of the things that this evil step mother I’m dealing says are blasphemes, rude and worst of all demented. She is a speed bump in my life path and I’m not gonna let her ever get under my skin. She’s got a nice little punch waiting for her if she ever tries to come stompin on my grounds. I have never had like anyone in my life that I couldn’t find one good thing about except her and of course she’s the one I get to be stuck with for the moment and I unfortunately know her all of too well.


Omgosh I have this huge crush. He’s so handsome. I’m no groupie. I like to have fun and I wanna have fun with this man and my kiddos. Like we have a baseball star in the making. Not to mention a soccer athlete, whose following in my footsteps and he’s 7. Please Lord! K. I dunno what the hell I was thinking. I have been single for 3 years and haven’t had sex in over a year. Like I hate being single now. I miss kissing and making hugs that feel like Heaven all day. I want an armpit to sleep in and a neck and ear region to smooch. I want a big juicy milk job on me like yesterday and some scrumptious food approvals. Woah. He’s mine..if he heads this way.. I’m so sure of it. I’m his number one catch, please catch me if you can get off that field lookin like sex for a second. :-* you get me. Ship sailin…

Dalmatian baby.

Dalmatian baby.

Back Track me!

So,  hello again!I, Meg…had this fun hip new idea yesterday. What if as a part of our new machine that Hes (Rco) building me I made a website where you can go in and upload/scan and or directly text all of your legal documents, photographs, receipts, bills, pictures of receipts or bills etc. and you can keep track of everything. The amazing part is that you can back track your life. And it’ll be fun to go as far back as your own birth or further and document as many details from your life and history as possible. People will become legit. Maybe we can form a match making system through the depth of the websites growth because we’ll really know what people are like and  matches will be out there on the prowl and best of all you never have to worry about losing your life because backtrack me will have all the pieces and it’ll be so highly secured that you can be fighting court cases and need details documented and can trust that we’ll hold all of your details in order :)safely.

This will benefit major details and it will help you write off taxes at the end of the year. It will also help make sure that you are receiving all the benefits that you are eligible for….who knows you may have floating money waiting for you through write offs, benefits, programs and or sponsors that you don’t even know about.

The coolest feature will be the pay off rewards system…you can be rewarded just by simply recalling a mass amount of your life…we want to get to know people so show who you are in a way.  Then we plan to create a TV channel and backtrack me will be a featured show.

Of course with your permission we’ll be able to show off people’s beauty and organization and ideas and best of people’s success and reward stories…

We’re just two badass kickin’ it high school sweethearts/parents trying to save the world. We’re finding it hard to know who people are at face value anymore and it’s a cold world. We can send out advice and help scattered people get organized and organized people stay that way and have ease of access to the details of their life. Lemme know what you think…centerh8@gmail.com subject line backtrack me, if you don’t mind so our sorting through the emails is easier…thanks!!

So it begins.


Hope Center is my dream. It’s MeGCo’s main attraction. MeGco is my stock name. Of which all creations and contributors who want our economy to grow are included. MeGCo is the economies saving grace and dang we have a lot of supporters who simply just wanna see a momma soar to victory in her custody battle against satan. Not to mention the economic safety that MeGCo will provide!

One day I was pondering what I wanted to do with my future and I came up with a bunch of ideas….I coupled them with the ideas I’ve been working on for years and decided they all needed one place to go. That’s when I created Hope Center, the reason I call it hope center is because it’s the center Disney. Disney mania and Disney galaxy are going to be the main theme park attractions but that’s not all that Hope Center has to offer. Hope Center includes Soul Bowl…which is the United States first Olympic bowl. Being a runner all my life this is my hope, to be able to attend an Olympic track meets and possibly a World Cup in my own bowl. I want the outside of the bowl to look like a gigantic copper bath tub and there will be a big huge spout over the top that pours an unheard of amount of bubbles down onto the field. How amazing is that!!!

I want everything over the top incredible, you know Disney wouldn’t have it any other way 😉 I’m picky, but not fickle. I’m relaxed but uptight. I’m dressy but comfortably chic. I’m assertive and bossy but never a witch. I’m the best boss anyone has ever met and thats all because I have the best circle of friends , former bosses, coworkers and family members to keep me in line and protected. I have made my own boss and aside from her and maybe a few investors who will always have my back nobody but God stands in our dreams way and God says, “full speed ahead Meggi!”

I have so many supporters and so much work left ahead of me that it is my pleasure to finally get to start sharing my dreams. As a licensed nail tech working on finishing up my full Cosmo I also am excited to share Tangi.e. Retreat with everyone as we’ll. I’ve worked in some of the most high end world renowned salons and spas and have gained a TON of knowledge and connections in the beauty industry. Tangi.e. Retreat is going to house Stike inc. and will only offer the best our beauty industry has ever heard of.

Stike inc. is a talent agency I want to start up and pair with Ford modeling in order to get a chance to show off all the beautiful models I’ve met over my lifetime in a classy and modest but sexy and fun way. Hope Center I hope will have 4 fancy resorts one of which is exclusive to our invited guests and the funnest part of hope center is all the amazing shopping and restaurants that we’ll have to offer.

I hope to have an annual runway show where we’ll be only allowing Victoria’s Secret, Ford modeling and Elite talent, Playboy, Maxim and Cosmo to participate. This is the adult twist on fun that we’ve all been craving and the children will all get to be included because my #1 RULE. IS TASTE. I will never stand for distasteful, poorly illustrated or trashy behavior, conduct, dress or attitude.

Disney Mania is going to be the adult theme park full of rides and attractions, we are also asking universal studios to participate and build a park right next door. Disney Galaxy is going to be the kids park and Disney Wet is our family waterpark.

Our main attraction is The Little Mermaids sand castle above the sea, of which the whole operation is ran out of.